How to Get Smart about Change Management

Mitch Kotula offers training, seminars and consulting in Change Management.  I stand uniquely as one who has worked in this field since 1982 in a wide variety of organizations both internationally and domestically.
  • I offer a comprehensive two- and three-day Change Planning Seminars whereby participants bring change projects or change teams together to actively learn and plan for implementation.  Tools are provided to measure risk areas of sponsorship, resistance and culture along with supporting material so the process can be replicated within the organization.  Although excellent for education in change management, these seminars are designed to specifically plan for real changes.
  • Executive overviews from a few hours to one full day are available, tailored to your needs.  Short overviews suitable for dinner speaking occasions or conferences can be tailored from 30 minutes to over one hour of duration.
  • Consulting interventions can be arranged where my associates and I work within your organization to plan for and implement a wide array of changes to include but are not limited to mergers and acquisitions, introduction of technology, realignments, strategic planning, scenario planning, personnel adjustments and problem solving.
  • I have been conducting a Facilitating Organizational Change seminar as a contractor for the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) that provides concepts, skills, techniques as well as a methodology to become literate in change management and to enable participants to undertake a change management engagement.  This two-day program is conducted through public sessions and can be brought inside organizations for delivery.

Those in-house programs are discounted from the public offering price and, most importantly, can be tailored to the specific needs of the hosting organization and the participants.

In 2010 I am currently set to deliver a Facilitating Organizational Change public session in Houston, TX, 14 – 15 October.  More will be scheduled in 2010 by ASTD.

You can contact ASTD through their web site:, through Courtney Kriebs at 708-838-5847, email or Amanda Miller at, 703-683-9215.  Ask for Mitch Kotulaas the facilitator, especially if you want to conduct a tailored in-house session.

Follow this link for a detailed description of this program, course outline and learning objectives and a personal taped description of this program by Mitch Kotula:

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